March 25, 2019


Description and working principle
The Square cone mixer is novel material mixer extensively used as the mixing machine for the solid raw material, can mix powder or granules very evenly to achieve the best results after mixing.The mixing uniformity is high, the mixing hopper is movable, it is  very convenient for material loading, mixing, discharging and cleaning. It is easy to integrate with the upstream and downstream process, the problem of cross pollution and fly dust caused by multi-material –transferring can be solved. Different material hoppers can be equipped with this machine, so to meet the mixing requirement of large batch capacity, and multi-varities. This machine is the ideal equipment for mixing and batch mixing, and has wide application in the pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, food, light industry, feed and other industries.

Working principle
Puts the material into a square conical sealed mixing barrel. The axis of the mixing barrel is at an angle with the axis of rotation. Different groups of materials move in a three-dimensional space in a closed mixing barrel, resulting in strong Flip and diffuse shrinkage for optimal mixing.

1. The whole machine has novel design, compact structure, beautiful appearance of pyramid, mixing uniformity of 99%, and volume loading coefficient of 0.7.
2. Rotating height is low, running is smooth
3. With inverter frequency for speed adjustment, operation is easy and performance is reliable.
4. The inner and outer walls of the cylinder are mirror polished, no dead angle, easy to discharge, easy to clean, no cross contamination, in line with GMP requirements.
5. It adopts double box sustaining device, owns braking and positioning device and stop positioning sensing system, which can ensure 3 turns before setting period end to get automatic control of deceleration-stopbraking and locking process, the stop positioning is accurate.
6. Control system has more choices, such as push button ,HMI+PLC and so on. It adopts frequency speed control, man-machine interface operation in clear picture, easy to operate; built-in automatic and manual switching control mode is provided.
7. The feeding system for this mixer can be by manual or pneumatic conveyor or vacuum feeder or screw feeder and so on. According to users’ requirements, vacuum feeder and screening machine can be equipped to connect the front and rear procedure.

Technical parameter
Total volume:3000L
Loading capacity: 50%-80%
Loading weight (specific gravity of raw material 1g/cm3): 1500-2400 kg/batch
Mixing uniformity: ≥99%
Rotation speed of main shaft: 3-15 r/min, frequency
Motor power: 7.5 Kw
Inlet diameter:400mm
Outlet diameter:200mm
Outside dimension:3800×3200×3850mm
Total weight: 3000Kg


Configuration list

1. Connection of upper interface DN250PN1.0 flange lower interface DN300PN1.0 flange
2. Mixing machine with pneumatic brake device, easy to stop positioning;
3. Three sampling ports are arranged on the simplified structure (dn50 quick opening)